All Dentures Are Not Created Equal.

Quality dentures require dentist skill, dental laboratory technician skill, and quality materials. I recommend that you find a dentist that either has their own denture lab or outsources to a high quality commercial laboratory that operates in the United States. People are surprised that some dentists outsource their denture work to other countries!

Quality dentures usually require 4 steps. Your dentist will need to:

  1. Take impressions of your gums and mouth muscles
  2. Take bite records and make tooth selection
  3. Provide a wax sample of the “final product” for your approval
  4. Final dentures are ready

Typical ways for keeping the cost of dentures down is by skipping steps, not providing a “wax sample denture” for you to see, using poor quality denture teeth, low quality materials and charging for every denture adjustment after you get the dentures. Remember to ask about the quality of the denture teeth being used. Were you allowed to preview the teeth in your mouth? Were you part of the teeth selection? “Cheap” teeth can wear away like butter and are more flat and dull in appearance. Quality teeth with have a translucency and appear “lifelike”. Ask if adjustments are included in the upfront price. Most dentures will require some initial minor adjustments. This is because the dentures are processed on a stone model of your mouth. And of course, your mouth is not made of stone but gum tissue and bone.

Before getting dentures – take a moment to Google “denture complaints”. You can read the common denture problems people experience and be better prepared for specific questions for your dentist. If you think the price of the dentures are “too good to be true” ask more questions! Quality dentures may not be “cheap” but they can indeed be quite affordable.

And remember – at Geriatric Dental Group in San Antonio we have denture solutions for even the most difficult situations!

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