I Hate My Dentures!

Dentures can cause a lot of grief for people. Both for patients and for dentists. I think part of the problem is that most dentists just don’t get much real life experience making dentures. In dental school you may make 2 - 4 dentures total and the patients are generally “easy” cases. I have a dentist friend (he is an excellent dentist!!!) who told me that he hates making dentures because he can never make his denture patients happy. When I asked how many dentures  he makes a year - he said “one or two”. That makes for a super long learning curve!  Yes - everyone’s mouth is different - but that is only a part of the picture.  There are many more issues that are important to consider before quality dentures can be made.  For example, the natural position of your tongue, the size, shape, angle, and texture of your mouth tissues, your natural speech patterns, your lip support, the proper angle of the teeth, the space between the bone, your pattern of closing, your rest position, your major mouth muscles, your “mini” mouth muscles (which are often overlooked completely), etc. etc. etc. In the upcoming posts, I will talk about what goes into making quality personalized dentures. Quality can not be rushed, and assembly line denture systems are more subject to problems.  I love making dentures!  It is the ultimate cosmetic challenge.  Let me know if you are frustrated with your dentures. Let me know if you love your dentures. Either way - I would love to hear from you!

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