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My Top Denture is GAGGING me! My Uppers are loose!

Hopefully, your top denture is comfortable, beautiful, and you can chew with it. Fortunately, due to the “soft palate/hard palate interface” upper dentures can often have “suction”. Lower dentures must contend with a moving tongue and usually do not have the kind of suction possible with upper dentures…. although this is not universal. While problems with bottom dentures are more

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All Dentures Are Not Created Equal.

Quality dentures require dentist skill, dental laboratory technician skill, and quality materials. I recommend that you find a dentist that either has their own denture lab or outsources to a high quality commercial laboratory that operates in the United States. People are surprised that some dentists outsource their denture work to other countries! Quality dentures usually require 4 steps. Your

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